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    • 試題題型【閱讀理解】

            Mr. Tom Forester lived by himself a long way from town. He hardly ever left his home, but one day he went into town to buy some things in the market. After he had bought them, he went into a restaurant and sat down at a table by himself. When he looked around, he saw several old people put glasses on before reading their newspapers, so after lunch he decided to go to a shop to buy himself some glasses too. He walked along the road, and soon found a shop.

            The man in the shop made him try on a lot of glasses, but Tom always said, "No, I can't read with these."

            The man became more and more puzzled(迷惑不解), until finally he said, "Excuse me, but can you read at all?"

            "No, of course I can't!" Tom said angrily. "If I was already able to read, do you think I would have come here to buy glasses?"

    1.[單選題]Tom ______ went into town.
    • A.often
    • B.always
    • C.almost never
    • D.everyday
    • 解題思路:細節題。文章第2句回答了這一問題。
    2.[單選題]What kind of mistake did Tom make?
    • A.He went to the wrong kind of shop.
    • B.He didn't try on all the glasses in the shop.
    • C.He thought that a person who had not learned to read would be able to do so if he wore glasses.
    • D.He left his money in the restaurant.
    • 解題思路:常識題。任何略有常識的人都不可能犯如此低級錯誤。只有像Tom這樣長期脫離社會的人才可能會認為眼鏡能幫助不識字的人閱讀報紙。
    3.[單選題]Mr Forester lived ______.
    • A.with his family in a city
    • B.with his family in the countryside
    • C.alone in a city
    • D.alone in the countryside
    • 解題思路:細節題。從文章的第1句可知:答案為D。
    4.[單選題]The shop Tom went into sold ______.
    • A.drinking glasses and cups
    • B.glass for windows and doors
    • C.glasses for people who could not read
    • D.glasses for people who could not see well
    • 解題思路:細節題。A、B兩項說的是玻璃,而C項的說法是違背常規的。只有D項是這個問題答案出處。
    5.[單選題]The old people in the restaurant read their newspapers ______.
    • A.with glasses on
    • B.with glasses off
    • C.with glasses of beer in front of them
    • D.with glass pipes in their mouths
    • 解題思路:細節題。文章的一段的第四句給了非常清楚的提示。
    • 參考答案:C,C,D,D,A