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    • 試題題型【聽力 Section B】
    Questions 22 - 25 are based on the following passage about prisoners and prisons in Britain
    1.[單選題]In Britain, if a man commits some crime, what punishment will be probably get?  
    • A.He will be hanged.
    • B.He will be fined heavily.
    • C.He will be sent to an open prison.
    • D.He will be ordered to do some community work.
    2.[單選題]What do we know about women prisoners in Britain?
    • A.Most of them are very young.
    • B.They are kept in closed prisons.
    • C.They don't have freedom in prison.
    • D.They are a small portion of the prison population.
    3.[單選題]In what way are open prisons different from closed prisons?
    • A.They have a longer history.
    • B.All of their prisoner expected to work.
    • C.Their prisoners can visit their families and friends.
    • D.Some of their prisoners are allowed to study or work outside prisons.
    4.[單選題]What do we learn about prisoners in Britain from the passage?
    • A.They live a comfortable life in prisons.
    • B.Most of them get paid for their work.
    • C.They have to cook their own meals.
    • D.They are locked up most of the time.
    • 參考答案:D,D,D,B