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             Sport is not only physically challenging, but it can also be mentally challenging. Criticismfrom coaches, parents, and other teammates, as well as pressure to win can create an excessiveamount of __1__ or stress for young athletes. Stress can be physical, emotional, or psychologicaland research has indicated that it can lead to burnout. Burnout has been described as __2__ orquitting of an activity that was at one time enjoyable.The early years of development are __3__ years for learning about oneself. The sport settingis one where valuable experiences can take place. Young athletes can, for example, learn how to__4__ with others, make friends, and gain other social skills that will be used throughout their lives.Coaches and parents should be aware, at all times, that their feedback to youngsters can __5__affect their children. Youngsters may take their parents’ and coaches’ criticisms to heart and find aflaw(缺陷)in themselves.Coaches and parents should also be __6__ that youth sport participation does not become workfor children. That outcome of the game should not be more important than the __7__ of learning thesport and other life lessons. In today’s youth sport setting, young athletes may be worrying moreabout who will win instead of __8__ themselves and the sport. Following a game many parents andcoaches __9__ on the outcome and find fault with youngsters’ performances. Positive reinforcementshould be provided regardless of the outcome. Research indicates that positive reinforcement motivatesand has a greater effect on learning that criticism. Again, criticism can create __10__ levels of stress,which can lead to burnout.

        A. process    
        B. high      
        C. enjoying   
        D. anxiety     
        E. settle  

        F. cautious    
        G. cooperate  
        H. greatly       
        I. dropping  
        J. hardly

        K. intense     
        L. focus     
        M. aspiration     
        N. critical    
        O. procedure


          • 解題思路:由or可知, 此處應填動詞的現在分詞形式,且表達的意思應與quitting相近,故排除選項中的enjoying而選dropping“不再做(某事)”。
            • 解題思路:


              • 解題思路:此處應填形容詞。但選項中的形容詞有high和intense,應為這個形容詞由來修飾名詞level,而intense表示“緊張的,強烈的”不能用來修飾level,故選擇high。
                • 解題思路:此處應填動詞, 且能與with構成搭配。可選項有settle和cooperate,而settle with sb. 意為“同某人解決(法律上的爭端)",顯然不符合題意,因此選cooperate“合作”。
                  • 解題思路:此處應填形容詞。從原文“成長過程的最初幾年是了解自己的......時期。”可選項有cautious和critical,由后文中的valuable experiences和be used throughout their lives可推出,成長的最初幾年是了解自己的關鍵時期,而不是謹慎時期。故排除cautious而選critical。
                    • 解題思路:由or可知,此處應填名詞,并且所填名詞和stress詞語詞性相同,選項中有anxiety和aspiration,但由最后一段中worryingmore可推出,壓力會給運動員造成過多的焦慮,而不是渴望,故排除aspiration而選anxiety。 
                      • 解題思路:此處應填副詞。可選項有greatlyhardly,由take......to heart可推出,教練和父母的反饋信息會極大地影響年輕運動員,故排除hardly而選greatly

                        • 解題思路:由句中的instead of可知,此處應填動詞的現在分詞形式。根據worrying和instead of可推出,此處應填與worrying意思相反的詞,因此,選項中只有enjoying符合題意。

                          • 解題思路:此處應填動詞,且能與on構成搭配。可選項有settle和focus,但從句意來理解,比賽后,許多父母和教練......比賽結果,而且總是在挑剔年輕人在比賽中的表現。settle on“決定,同意:,顯然與句意不符,故排除settle而選focus,focus on在此意為“看重".
                            • 解題思路:由also可知, 此處應填與aware對應的形容詞。因此,可選項有cautious和critical,但that從句解釋的是參與體育運動不能成為孩子們的工作,故只有cautious符合題意。
                            • 參考答案:I,A,B,G,N,D,H,C,L,F