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    • 所屬考試大學英語四級試題庫
    • 試題題型【閱讀理解 Section C】

        Foxes and farmers have never got on well. These small dog-like animals have long been accused of killing farm animals. They are officially classified as harmful and farmers try to keep their numbers down by shooting or poisoning them.
      Farmers can also call on the services of their local hunt to control the fox population. Hunting consists of pursuing a fox across the countryside, with a group of specially trained dogs, followed by men and women riding horses. When the dogs eventually catch the fox they kill it or a hunter shoots it.
      People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport, they wear a special uniform of red coats and white trousers, and follow strict codes of behavior. But owning a horse and hunting regularly is expensive, so most hunters are wealthy.
      It is estimated that up to 100,000 people watch or take part in fox hunting.
      But over the last couple of decades the number of people opposed to fox hunting, because they think it is brutal (殘酷的) , has risen sharply. Nowadays it is rare for a hunt to pass off without some kind of confrontation (沖突) between hunters and hunt saboteurs (阻攔者). Sometimes these incidents lead to violence, but mostly saboteurs interfere with the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox’s smell, which the dogs follow.
      Noisy confrontations between hunters and saboteurs have become so common that they are almost as much a part of hunting as the pursuit of foxes itself. But this year supporters of fox hunting face a much bigger threat to their sport. A Labor Party Member of the Parliament, Mike Foster, is trying to get Parliament to approve a new law which will make the hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal. If the law is passed, wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain.

    1.[單選題]What is special about fox hunting in Britain?
    • A.It involves the use of a deadly poison.
    • B.It is a costly event which rarely occurs.
    • C.The hunters have set rules to follow.
    • D.The hunters have to go through strict training.
    • 解題思路:細節推斷題。依據第三段第二句,他們穿著上身紅下身白的專門制服,遵循嚴格的行為規范,與C項遵守一套規則同義;故選C為答案。
    2.[單選題]A new law may be passed by the British Parliament to_____.
    • A.prohibit farmers from hunting foxes
    • B.forbid hunting foxes with dogs
    • C. stop hunting wild animals in the countryside
    • D.prevent large-scale fox hunting
    • 解題思路:細節推斷題。本文末句說,議會工黨議員Mike Foster提出了一個使獵狐不合法的提案,如果這個法案得以通過,就像狐貍這樣野生動物在英國將會被法律禁獵令得以保護。故B為答案。
    3.[單選題]Fox hunting opponents often interfere in the game_____.
    • A.by resorting to violence
    • B.by confusing the fox hunters
    • C.by taking legal action
    • D.by demonstrating on the scene
    • 解題思路:細節題。第四段最后一句說,阻攔者在大多數情況下,用誤導馬隊和攪亂狐貍的蹤跡來干擾獵狐。與B項吻合。
    4.[單選題]It can be inferred from the passage that _____.
    • A. killing foxes with poison is illegal
    • B.limiting the fox population is unnecessary
    • C.hunting foxes with dogs is considered cruel and violent
    • D.fox-hunting often leads to confrontation between the poor and the rich
    • 解題思路:細節推斷題。第四段第二句說,過去幾十年里反對獵狐的人數急劇上升,因為他們認為獵狐是殘忍的,故C為答案。
    5.[單選題]Rich people in Britain have been hunting foxes_____.
    • A.for recreation
    • B.in the interests of the farmers
    • C.to limit the fox population
    • D.to show off their wealth
    • 解題思路:細節題。第三段首句,參加獵狐的人把獵狐當作是一項運動,既然是運動,當然是有娛樂的成分在里面了,因而只能選A。
    • 參考答案:C,B,B,C,A