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    What a pity! People don’t learn anything from school today .I mean, good heavens, when you think of all the millions of dollars the Government have spent on education—new schools, more teachers, new equipment , and yet still you find people who can’t read properly, can’t even write their names and don’t know what two and two is without a calculator .I think it’s quite disgraceful .I remember when I was young you went to school to learn .You did as you were told and respected your teachers .Nowadays you get long-haired kids who aren’t interested in anything .No wonder they don’t learn anything.


    Well, there are a lot of different views on this, but I think it is probably wrong to imagine that there was some golden ages in the past when everything was perfect .It all depends, of course, on what you measure and how you measure it .It may surprise some people that there has not been an obvious and dramatic increase in the standard of education, given the vast amounts of money spent in this area by successive governments in recent years. But unfortunately, most improvements in education are intangible.


    Well, if you asked me , it’s all these modern methods that is the problem .In the old days you sat in rows at desks and you did as you were told .You knew what you had to do and you did it—and you kept quiet .Nowadays, my goodness, the noise in most schools is deafening especially primary schools .The children wander around—do more or less what they want to as far as I can see .The teacher just sits there or wanders around with them, talking to them .Informal teaching they call it .Discovery methods .Sounds more like a recipe for discovering disaster to me.


    Many people talk about how to improve education and a lot suggest raising the salaries of teachers and professors. Of course, this is very important to education .However, increasing the salary of teachers is just one way to improve education .It will not work without the cooperation of the other determinants, such as student’s love of knowledge and reading .Even if the teachers are devoted, it will make no sense if the students are not willing to learn.


    The criticism that what students learn today is not adapted to present-day society is utterly wrong because education can never be seen only in terms of how useful the subjects are when students leave school .We ought to evaluate education in terms of how much the students enjoy those subjects and how much they mean to those students .Instead of being trained to be utilitarian, students should be encouraged to do things for their own sake, and study what they are interested in.

    1. Adam

    2. Donald

    3. Cyril

    4. Ellis

    5. Barry



    A. Education is a gradual extension of oneself.

    B. Students should get satisfaction out of education.

    C. Education standards have been improved.

    D. Education involves learning as well as teaching.

    E. Many students are spoilt by our present-day educational system.

    F. Schools should attach a great importance to practical skills.

    G. Educational standards are inferior to.

              • 參考答案:D,B,G,C,E