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    • 試題題型【聽力 Section A】
    Part A Directions:

    You will hear 10 short dialogues For each dialogue, there is one question and four possible answers. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D, and mark it in your test booklet. You will have 15 seconds to answer the question and you will hear each dialogue only once.

    1.[單選題]What is the woman going to do?
    • A.Visit a client in New York.
    • B.Meet a client at the airport.
    • C.Revise a marketing report.
    • D.Help the man with a report.
    2.[單選題]What do we learn about the woman?
    • A.She is to go out soon.
    • B.She is to cheer up the man.
    • C.She has injured her leg.
    • D.She has bought some perfume.
    3.[單選題]What does the man ask the woman to do?
    • A.Host the party.
    • B.Prepare for (lie party.
    • C.Remind him of the party.
    • D.Go with him to the party.
    4.[單選題]What do we learn about Bill?
    • A.He had his two teeth pulled out.
    • B.He paid a lot for his dental care.
    • C.He had a quarrel with his dentist.
    • D.He had to ease his toothache firm.
    5.[單選題]Why is the woman upset?
    • A.The boss criticized her.
    • B.Lily quarreled with her.
    • C.Her report was overdue.
    • D.Her sales dropped sharply.
    6.[單選題]What are the speakers talking about?
    • A.How to cook and sew.
    • B.Parent-child relationship.
    • C.Home economics education.
    • D.How to make children happy.
    7.[單選題]What does the woman imply?
    • A.She lost her student ID card.
    • B.The performance is not worth the money.
    • C.The tickets are less expensive than expected.
    • D.She won’t  be able to get any discount.
    8.[單選題]What do we know about the woman?
    • A.She liked the lecture a lot.
    • B.She was laic for the lecture.
    • C.She disagreed with Dr. Lee.
    • D.She gave a lecture yesterday.
    9.[單選題]What does the woman want the man to do?
    • A.Help plan a trip.
    • B.Rent a car for her.
    • C.Help repair her car.
    • D.Take a trip with her.
    10.[單選題]Why is the woman's brother under stress?
    • A.He finds it hard to fall asleep at night.
    • B.He finds it hard to concentrate on his study.
    • C.He is trying hard to study engineering.
    • D.He is trying hard to go to his ideal college.
    • 參考答案:C,C,B,A,A,C,D,A,B,B