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    • 所屬考試公共英語三級試題庫
    • 試題題型【閱讀理解 Section A】
      Rodney Mace, 35, is married with two young children, and is a part-time teacher of architectural history, “I am constantly surprised by other people’s surprise, when they come to the house and see me cleaning a floor or hanging out the washing. Their eyes open wide at the sight of it! Much of the comment comes from men. But I am even more surprised at the number of women who comment too.”

      His wife Jane, an Oxford graduate in modern languages, has a demanding full-time job. She is director of the Cambridge House literacy scheme for adults in South London. Her working week involves several evenings and Saturdays, and at these times her husband is in sole charge of home and family. Apart from this, they share household jobs and employ a child-minder for the afternoons. This enables him to teach two days a week and to do what he considers his principal work: writing. He has written several books and spends much of his time in British Museum Reading Room, cycling there from his home in Brixton.

      People ask the Maces if they think their children miss them. One can argue that satisfied parents generally have satisfied children, but in any case the Maces are careful to reserve time and energy to play with their children. “And they have now developed relationships with other adults and children.”

      Previously, Rodney Mace worked full-time and Jane only part-time. Then 18 months ago, the director of the literacy scheme left. “It seems to me that Jane was very well suited to do this job. She was very doubtful about it. But I urged her to apply. She did and she got it.” Jane Mace confirms that she needed this encouragement, as so many women initially do,

      Did his male ego(自我,自己)suffer from the change-over? Nothing like that occurred. But he still seems amazed at the way it changed his thinking. “I felt that we were finally going to be partners. I felt enormous relief, I wasn’t avoiding responsibility, but changing it. Our relationship is so much better now. It has been a change for the good for both of us – in every aspect, I think it is fundamental that the woman works. The idea of equal partnership is an illusion if one partner doesn’t work.”

    1.[單選題]The article is about a couple whose married life is happier because___.  
    • A.they have a truly equal partnership 
    • B.the husband enjoy staying at home 
    • C.they earn more money  
    • D. the wife has a full-time job
    • 解題思路:該題考察考生理解主旨要義的能力。要想答好此題,必須對全文內容有清晰的了解。
    2.[單選題]It is implied the passage that____. 
    • A.The Maces believe a good career is even more important than their family life  
    • B.Rodney’s children are quite happy with their position in the family  
    • C.Even capable women sometimes need encouragement from their families  
    • D.The practice of sharing household jobs between husband and wife is commonplace in London
    • 解題思路:該題考察考生推理,判斷的能力。將在下一講中提到。推理的基礎是對全文的正確理解。
    3.[單選題]Which of the following statements is true?  
    • A.Most Englishmen think that a husband should do more housework than a wife.  
    • B.In London the traditional idea about the sex role at home has been completely changed.  
    • C.Many Englishmen and Englishwomen still take it for granted that women are mainly in charge of home and family. 
    • D.English people believe that men should take more responsibilities for housework.
    • 解題思路:該題還是考察考生的推理判斷能力。
    4.[單選題]Jane finally decided to apply for her present job because____.  
    • A.she thought she had better qualification than others 
    • B.her husband persuaded her to 
    • C.it was very well paid 
    • D.some of her friends encouraged her to
    • 解題思路:該題考察考生獲取具體信息的能力。答案可在倒數第二段中獲得。這是本講當中的重點,大家可以以此題為例體會一下這個題型。只要沒有錯過具體信息,做到此題時準確找到問題的出處,出錯的可能性不大。
    5.[單選題]We can infer from this passage that a changeover of roles in the family ____. 
    • A.is quite necessary in modern life 
    • B.is probably based on some practical reasons  
    • C.aims solely at a complete emancipation of women  
    • D.shows women are not necessarily inferior to men
    • 解題思路:該題還是考察考生的推理判斷能力。
    • 參考答案:A,C,C,B,B