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    • 試題題型【寫作 Section A】
    Suppose You had an accident and are in hospital, write a letter to your supervisor explaining why you have been absent from class for two days and will be absent for the next month. Ask for permission for the sick leave, and advice about how to continue your studies. You should write appropriately 100 words . Do not sign your name at the end of your letter . Use“Wang Ling” instead . You do not need to write the address.
    • 參考答案:Dear Professor Hu,
      I am writing to explain my absence from classes since October 8, 2000. On October 7, 2000, I was involved in a serious car accident and was transported to the hospital where I was treated for 2 bruised ribs. Since my doctor advised complete bed rest for 4 weeks, I have been unable To top it all off to attend classes since October 8, 2000. I am concerned about keeping up with my studies, and have been doing the required readings . As I want to take the final exams, would you please give me permission for a month’ s sick leave and advise me regarding my courses and exams ? Thank you for your special consideration . I look forward to hearing from you soon.
      Sincerely yours,Wang LingStudent of 99-2, Foreign Language DepartmentEnc.: a doctor’ s certificate