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      1. 微信刷題,考證常用
        • 試題題型【閱讀理解】

            Look at the instructions on the bottle of the medicine and then choose the right answers.

            John is twelve years old. He had a bad cold and coughed day and night. He went to see a doctor. The doctor gave him some cough medicine.

        Cough Medicine

            Shake (搖動) it well before use.

            Take it three times each day before meals.

            Dose (藥量):

            Age: over 14 2 teaspoonfuls(勺)

            8—13 1 teaspoonful

            4—7 1/2 teaspoonful

            Not right for children below the age of three. Put it in a cold place. Use it before December 1st 2002.

        1.[單選題]John should take ________ a day.
        • A.2 teaspoonfuls
        • B.3 teaspoonfuls
        • C.4 teaspoonfuls
        • D.1 teaspoonful
        • 解題思路:根據“John is twelve years old.”和“8—13 1 teaspoonful”可知B為正確答案。
        2.[單選題]The medicine should be kept in ________.
        • A. a fridge
        • B. hot water
        • C.any place
        • D.the sun
        • 解題思路:“Put it in a cold place.”是本題答案的依據。
        3.[單選題]John should ________ before he takes it.
        • A. shake the medicine well
        • B.eat nothing
        • C. do some exercise
        • D.drink a cup of tea
        • 解題思路:答案就在“Shake(搖動)it well before use.”中。
        4.[單選題]When people are ________ years old, they cannot take this medicine.
        • A.eighty
        • B. thirty
        • C.two
        • D.twelve
        • 解題思路:由“Not right for children below the age of three”這句話可知,此藥不適用于三歲以下的兒童。
        5.[單選題]John will ________ the medicine when it is left after Dec.1st, 2002.
        • A.throw away
        • B.stop to take
        • C.take once
        • D.take six times more
        • 解題思路:本說明的最后一句說的是此藥品的保質期。答案顯然為A。
        • 參考答案:B,A,A,C,A